Аренда авто в Дубае

Al Jayed Rent a Car - is a company whose core business is providing car rental services in Dubai. In order for you to enjoy a good rest, we constantly improve the quality of their work. Due to a number of comfortable and powerful car we can give confidence and reliability of each client.


With us comfortably!

Our service allows you to choose a car, being far from Dubai. It is enough to see the model of the car, make a call and at the exit from the plane you will have to wait for your order.

We are professionals!

Does not decide what is right for you? Our consultants will provide you with an optimal model, and if necessary, provide services and personal driver!

What could be nicer on holiday than to relax and enjoy life? Company Al Jayed Rent a Car offers the opportunity, because for many people the car has become a source of unforgettable emotions and the pleasure. And if you are driving a car of your dreams, then the pleasure is multiplied by two.

Some people believe that renting a luxury car can not afford ordinary layman. It's not enough to look at our proposals, as the doubts will disappear by themselves. We will find the car of your choice, you just have to say about it.

You can ride on a luxury car Mercedes E-Class or choose family minivan of the same brand. And maybe you prefer a sports power the Bentley? Or, reliability and efficiency of Toyota? A wide range of models to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Your holiday will begin at the exit from the airport, for your chosen vehicle will be waiting at the entrance. Not too confident in their abilities and think that will not be able to navigate in an unfamiliar city? We will provide a way out of this situation, the personal driver service as part of our competence.

In addition, you can not only rest with our cars in Dubai. Business travel will be successful if your reputation would work presentable image of cars.

Paperwork, providing insurance and regular maintenance we undertake. Due to quality service company Al Jayed Rent a Car is in the lead on the market today providing car rental services.


Order a car, and we guarantee that you will join one of our regular customers