In Abu Dhabi, it opened the largest safari park in the world

Last week in Abu Dhabi, the opening of the largest on the planet artificial Safari Park, it is located in the city of Al Ain, which is already known for its zoo, and has long been one of the main tourist attractions of the emirate.

At the moment on the area of ​​270 hectares inhabited by 250 animals, you can meet an antelope, giraffe, zebra, and various predators. In the near future the number of animals living in the safari park, will be increased to 400. Now there is only opened the first zone, visitors can visit the African Safari, open the Arabic for a year, as well as the Asian region. The cost of visiting tourists in the reserve will cost $ 54, safari tour lasts 1.5 hours, 2 times a day tour of the reserve is carried out in English.


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